Years of preparation leading up to what the healthy snack chip is that changes the snacking landscape.

Countless meet-n-greets of new people with new ideas and new tools to fulfill new solutions to roll out the healthiest snack chip in the business.

Hundreds of hours of collaboration and R&D to identify the perfect snack.

The result…..ONE LAUNCH TEAM. Hand picked, tried and tested to do something that will have all eyes on them.

This team is the team….this team is why you read this sentence right now, while enjoying your BeyondChipz and think about posting your thoughts on Facebook.

Product Sourcing

From the field to your table, ingredients sourcing is from the best suppliers with the most wholesome growing philosophies. For example, BeyondChipz cassava flour comes from a company called Jeb Foods, who harvests the cassava to make the flour but this company and process is the economic backbone of this village in Africa.

Beyond is a Michigan company, Family owned and operated.

Distribution Partnership

Thin Slim is currently BeyondChipz only distribution partner. Thin Slim specializes in delivery of health foods, customized to consumer’s diets and an automated ordering process to make it easy.

In the very near future, you will be able to find BeyondChipz on every grocery and convenience store shelf, Amazon and many other stores.