Low Carbs

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating a moderate amount of carbs — about 45% to 65% of your total daily calories. If you eat 2,000 calories a day, your carbs on this moderate plan should total about 900 to 1,300 calories, or about 225 to 325 grams a day. A single 5.3oz bag of Torpillas is only ~3% of your daily carbs!

Carbs are dangerous. Because carbs cause a spike in insulin levels (which is what makes you hungry), carbs make you want to snack more, which spikes your insulin levels again, which causes fat growth as well as more hunger, which causes you to snack more, and so the vicious cycle continues. With incredibly low net carbs per serving, Torpillas will not leave you hungry… just ridiculously satisfied.

Gluten Free

Celiac disease affects 3 million people in the US alone, and 97% of them are undiagnosed.

Chances are you or someone you know could have it, so now you can be a gracious host and put out a snack for everyone.

100% Vegan

Whether you are saving animals, saving the earth or just yourself, there is no downside to eating any of our BeyondChipz flavors. 

Keto Friendly

Let’s get Ketogenic baby! With low carbs it’s no surprise that Torpillas and KETO are BFF.