Whole Lotta'

BeyondChipz newest flavor Whole Lotta’ Nacho is a mad crunch!  We blended kicked-up Nacho cheese with zesty Eloté seasoning and BAM! A Whole Lotta’ Love for your taste buds!

Bada BBQ Icon

Bada BBQ

BeyondChipz BADA BBQ simply “smokes” the competition – low and slow. Our pitmasters created a secret blend of 16 seasonings to combine the unique flavor of real Southern “Que” with a dash of New Jersey attitude!  Savory with a little bit a kick. One bag and like a boss you’ll say…Yo? How ya Doin’?

How Ya Doin?

Bang Bang

BeyondChipz Bang Bang Ranch is the Mack Daddy of all Flavors.  Our Ranch is so kool and kickin’ you’ll want to put on your boots, jump on your horse, and ride!  Go on now and git you some. When the flavor hits you, just let your inner cowboy out and yell…YIPPEE-KI-YO-KI-YAY!!!

Yippee Ki Yo Ki Yay


Can we be honest? Who doesn’t love the creamy goodness of White Cheddar Cheese? BeyondChipz exclusive Bedda’ Chedda’ is a masterpiece. The mellow and satisfying blend puts an instant smile on your face.   Eat a few, take out your camera, smile big and send us a selfie on social…Say Cheese!


Screamin’ Onion is BeyondChipz spin on traditional sour cream and onion. Zesty and exploding with flavor, the Screamin’ Onion aroma hits you the second you rip open the bag!  It’s seriously amped, this flavor goes to 11. Dip? We don’t need no stinking dip when – The Dip is on the Chip!

Lemon Sublime

BeyondChipz Lemon Sublime is a perfect balance of the finest herbs and seasonings, mouth watering lemon-lime citrus and a little salt to taste. It’s like Yin and Yang in perfect balance.  Lemon Sublime Torpillas will cure your crave while you chillax to the max. Zen never tasted so good. Namaste’.

Salty good

BeyondChipz Salty Good treats you to the healthy minerals locked away in the magical Himalayan mountains.  Just the right amount brings out the flavor of our oven roasted secret seed mix creating a distinctive nutty flavor.  Enjoy a satisfying serving of Salty Good Torpillas and you’ll be like…It’s Salt Good, Man.


Bienvenue en Italie (Welcome to Italy) – Herbin Italian blends garden herbs and spices so perfectly you’ll want to make-a some Sunday Dinner.  BeyondChipz found grandma’s old handwritten recipe and went full-on old school. Herbin Italian is totally unique and after one crunch you’ll say…Molto Bene’! (Very Good) 

Plain Ol'

BeyondChipz Plain ol’ Tasty. The original. The ship that launched a million chips. Naked but not afraid, it’s so good it stands alone as THE most nutritious tortilla chip ever made.  A perfect vessel for your favorite salsa or guacamole, the Torpilla delivers 13g of protein and ONLY 2g net carbs. *Mic Drop…Fo’ Shizzle Ma’ Dizzle.